Hi! Iʼm Takuma Sminkey, a long-term resident of Japan and current resident of Okinawa. My main job is teaching at Okinawa International University, but I also work as a freelance Japanese-English translator. I also enjoy translating Japanese literature, especially Okinawan literature. This page introduces my literary translations.

On Kohama Island, with Iriomote Island in the background

I used to post a lot of unpublished material, but problems with copyright infringement have forced me to take those excerpts down. Instead, Iʼll introduce work thatʼs been published.

ʼs a complete list of my translations, including the unpublished ones:

In the Woods of Memory. Published translation of Me no oku no mori, a novel by Medoruma Shun. Berkeley: Stone Bridge Press, 2017.

“Island Confinement.” Published translation of “
Shimagomori,” a short story by Sakiyama Tami. Appears in Islands of Protest. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2016. 113-160.

Ichigensan (The Newcomer). Published translation of Ichigensan, a novel by David Zoppetti. Birchington: Ōzaru Books, 2011.

“Round-trip over the Ocean.” Published translation of “Suijō Ōkan,” a short story by Sakiyama Tami.
Living Spirit: Literature and Resurgence in Okinawa. Manoa: 23: 1 (Summer 2011). 1-20.

A Rabbit’s Eyes. Published translation of Usagi no Me, a novel by Haitani Kenjirō. New York: Vertical, Inc. Press, 2005.

Okinawa International University General Information Bulletin (2005). Translation of 30-page university information bulletin, much of which appears on the universityʼs current homepage. Assisted with updated versions up until the present.

GO! Unpublished translation of Kaneshiro Kazuki’s GO, a novel published by Kodansha Press in 2000. Translation completed in 2004.

“Annotated Translation of Asada Jirō’s ‘Rabu Retā’ (Love Letter).” Master’s Thesis for Sheffield University (November 2000).

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