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Iheya Moonlight
The Iheya Moonlight Marathon is a small-scale marathon held on a small island to the north of the Okinawan mainland. As far as I know, this is the only evening race in Okinawa. Don't let the name of this race mislead you: the race starts at 3 p.m., so you won't see the moon until late in the race, or until after you're finished. Overall, this is a well-organized and enjoyable event. The course is relatively flat; the scenery is absolutely stunning; and there are plenty of water stops. My only complaint is that there aren't enough distance markers, which makes pacing yourself difficult. Unlike most small races, the post-race party is quite entertaining. They always hire a professional band, and the crowd usually gets into the party, too. If you do this race, don't miss the post-race party! Click on any of the photos below to start the slideshow.

Here's the elevation chart. (Click to enlarge.) The course is relatively flat, with changes within a range of twenty meters.


View of the island from sea.


View of the island from the ferry.


The sign reads, "Beware of Habu [an extremely poisonous snake]." These signs show up all along the course.


Here's the 37K marker. Unless you are very fast, it will be dark when you reach this point.


The 37K marker.


Here's my Certificate of Completion. I finished in 4:10:54.