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Okinawa Marathon
The Okinawa Marathon is the second largest marathon in the prefecture. Although not quite as festive as the NAHA Marathon, the route is lined with supporters, many of whom generously offer water and other goodies. The first ten kilometers of the course are perfectly flat, but after that, there are several steep hills, making this a rather difficult marathon. The steep downhill for the last two kilometers, however, should help you finish strong. After the race, take advantage of the massage service. I would also recommend getting a towel instead of one of the t-shirts, which are poorly designed and made of an uncomfortable material. Click on any of the photos below to start the slideshow.

The course peaks at an elevation of 110 meters. Each block represents 20 meters.


I lined up with a predicted time of 3:30:00. The start went pretty smoothly, and I never had to slow down.


The first 10k is flat, so I went out fast. Maybe this wasn't a good strategy.


Entering the stadium towards the end of the course.


Entering the stadium towards the end of the course.


Aiming for a Boston Marathon qualifying time of 3:20, I was thrilled with my 3:12:57 time.


My shoes, medal, and bib number